Monday, April 9, 2012

More Fun Animals/Gift Baskets with Art Philosophy Cartridge

So, I had so much fun making the bunny and chick boxes that I decided to make a few more!  I used the same basket pattern for each of these--you'll find it on your Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge under Font Layer, Shift <Square1> (it's also the #3 on your keypad).  I selected "Fit to Page," giving me the largest one I could fit on a 12 x 12 page.  The two party baskets shown here are made with the new Dotty for You paper pack--with all those happy colors and patterns, it's perfect for parties!  The gift <Gift> is cut at 5 1/2 inches (cut the bow the same).  Because the bow worked as a handle for the basket, I just snipped off the arched handles of the basket.  For the party hat, I used <Banner4> cut at 5".  The trim at the bottom is made using the <Shape10> Font, Shift, cut at 1".  Note that you'll have to hand-trim it to make the length fit your hat.  The circle on top is <Circle3> cut at 1 3/4."  The tags are also cut with the cartridge, <Tag4>, cut about 1 3/4."

By the way, if you don't yet have the Art Philosophy Cartridge, this is one you absolutely must have!  With over 700 images, I think you'll find that this is the cartridge you'll use more than any other.  You can order the Cricut Collection (which comes with THREE coordinating stamp sets and three sheets of coordinating chipboard die-cut images) for only $99 HERE.

Okay, so I went nuts making animal gift boxes!  But, I thought the bunny and the chick were sort of Easter-specific, so I wanted to create some critters you can use all year round.  I'm pretty sure you can do a cat or a dog with no problem--why not an owl, penguin and chinchilla?

Here are some directions for making the owl using the Close to My Heart Art Philosophy cartridge.
Cut the basket "Fit to Page."  I used Chocolate Cardstock. 
Body is <Shape9> (the egg shape), cut at 5 1/2" in Chocolate Cardstock.
The face is <Oval3> cut at 2 1/4" in Bamboo Cardstock
The wings are <Petal2>, cut 2 at 2 1/4" each in Chocolate
The nose is <Petal2> cut at 1 1/2" in Creme Brulee
The talons (feet) are each made up of 3 pieces <Petal2> cut at 1" in Creme Brulee
The eyes are <Circle1> cut 2 at 1 1/4" each in white
The pupils are <Circle1> cut two at 3/4" each in black
The eyebrow (the best part) is <Bracket1>, cut at 4"--it cuts two, use only one

We have pet chinchillas, so I thought it would be fun to come up with a chinchilla.  You could also morph this into a mouse or a squirrel. 
Cut the body <Shape9> at 5 1/2" in Grey Wool Cardstock
Cut his tummy <Circle1> at 3" in Grey Flannel Cardstock
Cut his feet <Oval3>, cut 2 at 1" each in Grey Wool
Hands are <Oval3>, cut 2 at 3/4" in Grey Wool
Nose is <Circle1>, 1" in Grey Wool with 1/2" <Heart1> in Cotton Candy
Eyes are <Circle1>, cut 2 at 3/4" in white
Pupils are <Circle1>, cut 2 at 1/2" in black
Ears are <Oval3>, cut 2 in Grey Wool at 1" and 2 in Cotton Candy at 3/4"
Tail is <Oval1>, 2" in Grey Wool--I hand-snipped around the edge
For whiskers, hand cut small tapered black strips
To change him to a mouse, cut his ears round and then use <Tab2> Font layer/shift cut at 4 3/4" to get a fabulous flourish that will work for a tail.

I think the penguin is my favorite, just because he's so simple and quick!
Cut body <Shape9> at 5 1/2" in black
Tummy is <Oval3> cut 3" in white
Beak is <Petal2>, 1 3/4" in Creme Brulee
Eyes are <Circle1>, cut 2 in white at 1 1/4"
Eyelids, cut one <Circle1> 1 1/4" in black and cut in half
Pupils, <Circle1>, 1/2" cut 2 in black
Wings, <Oval1> cut 2 at 1" in black
Feet, <Banner4>, cut two at 1 1/2" in Creme Brulee

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An Incredible Deal on a Beautiful Paper Pack!

You're going to love the Dotty paper pack--available April 17th through May 31st as part of our National Scrapbooking Month campaign.  With a $35 order, you can get this paper pack for only $5!  The package contains 24 sheets of beautiful paper with gorgeous colors and patterns that you can easily mix and match.  Perfect for both cards and layouts.  You can order directly from my website,, or contact me directly!

Here's a card that my daughter made using the Dotty For You paper pack.

These patterns are so easy to mix and match and versatile enough to use for any theme/occasion.