Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Incredibly CUTE Easter baskets using the Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge

First of all, let me give credit where credit is due!!  These adorable basket ideas came from Consultants Christine David and Christine Adams.  All of the shapes on these baskets are cut using the Art Philosophy Cartridge.  If you don't have this cartridge, you need it NOW!!  With over 700 images on it, this cartridge may be the only one you ever need!  You can order the Cricut Collection (which includes the cartridge, three stamp sets and three sheets of die cut chipboard shapes) on my website at

I got the idea for this basket from Christine Adams.  If you'd like to get the measurements for the different bunny pieces, visit Christine's blog at:

As if the bunny wasn't enough, Christine David came up with an adorable chick basket, again using images cut from the AP cartridge.  I think Christine may have a template on her blog:  you can visit it at, but I just used her photo to come up with my own version (it may be slightly different than hers).  Here are my measurements:

Gift basket:  Buttercup Cardstock -- Fit to Page
Head--Circle1, 3 1/2" (Buttercup)
Wings--Egg, 2 1/2" cut 2 (Buttercup)
Body--Heart, 4 1/2" (Buttercup)
Feet--Eggs, 2 3/4"  cut 2 (Sunset)
Beak--Triangle penant, 1 1/2" (Sunset)
Eyes--Oval2, 1" cut 2 (White)
Pupils--Circle1, 1/2" cut 2 (black)
Comb (or whatever that thing on the top is called) --Corner Bracket (use Font button, Tag4) 1 3/4" (Sunset)

I used scissors to cut zig-zags across the top of the egg shapes to make the feet and the wings.  If this makes you nervous, cut yourself a couple of eggs to practice on and, when you get one like you like it, use that as your template.

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