Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Planners are HERE!!!

Though I use my smart phone every day all day long, I have to tell you that I really prefer to write my events on an actual calendar.  I just like being able to open up my month-at-a-glance page and see all of my events on one page in a font that I can READ!!!  Close to My Heart has come up with the most adorable planner system that I know you are going to love, and in the month of December, you can get the Planner Bundle for only $29.95.   What's extra fun about our new planners is that you can add other fun elements to the planner binders--including My Crush pages and Pocket Pages.  So, you can use them as a calendar, use them as a smaller album, or combine both into one book.  Be sure you watch the video to see all of the possibilities--it's hard to explain in writing!  The Planner Bundle special is only available in December--you can order it online at  This makes an AWESOME idea for Christmas gifts, and there is no limit to how many Planner Bundles you can order.   Also, your Planner Bundle purchases also help qualify you to get the beautiful December Stamp of the Month for only $5 (see previous post). 

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