Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Join the Close to My Heart Family!

Fourteen years ago, I was a young mom spending my days at home with our first child, then a toddler.  Although I really enjoyed being home with my daughter, I felt the urge to do something else as well--partly to bring income into our family but also to fulfill that part of me that just needed to succeed at something.  I'd been a high academic achiever in high school and college, and I just felt like I needed that "something" that I could work at and call my own, even though I was still committed to staying home with my growing family.  In 1996, I attended a friend's home party.  I'd never heard of the company (then called D.O.T.S.) but thought it looked kind of interesting.  While at the party, I watched the Consultant stamp and create an adorable card.  I was fascinated. . .I'd never even touched a rubber stamp before, and I began to see all of these fun creative possibilities.  Some friends of mine at the party told me, "Christina, you'd be good at this!" so I asked the Consultant for information.  Two months later, I signed up with D.O.T.S. whose company name would later become Close to My Heart.

I started out with modest goals, just trying to do a couple of parties each month.  When I found out that I could do this fairly easily, I raised my goals a little higher.  I found that home parties were fun, but for me, teaching workshops was even more fun!  I got to spend my evenings with fun groups of ladies, teaching them how to create their very own cards, paper crafts and scrapbook pages. 

One perk I never expected to get out of this business was the opportunity to travel.  Not only could I go to fun places around the country for Leadership meetings and Conventions, but I could also EARN trips by doing what I loved.  I've earned seven cruises from Close to My Heart, and my husband and I have sailed all around the world--what an incredible treat!!

On a personal note, being a Close to My Heart Consultant has given me an opportunity to cultivate my creative talents, to develop leadership skills and to feel proud of what I have accomplished--all while staying home and being actively involved in my children's lives.   I love that I'm my own boss--that I get to decide HOW I want to work my business and when I want to work it.  If I want to work hard at it for one season and then take it slow the next, it's okay. . .no one will "fire" me for setting my own goals.

I want to invite you to join my Close to My Heart team and find out what Close to My Heart can do for you!  Maybe you work full-time, but you'd still like some extra income.  Maybe you just want something that you can call your own and work at for yourself.  Maybe you'd like to be part of a caring company that cultivates your passion for scrapbooking or papercrafts.  Maybe you'd like to be part of a team where you feel you belong.  

As your upline, I will train you and work with you reach our fabulous Straight to the Top goals so that you can earn even more FREE product for your business. 

If you'd like more information on becoming a Close to My Heart Consultant, give me a call at 886-4156 or e-mail me at   You can sign up on website,

I can't wait to welcome you to my team!!

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