Monday, February 17, 2014

Crazy for Base and Bling!

I have to admit that I am absolutely CRAZY about our new Base & Bling pendant pieces.  I could seriously sit around and make these necklaces ALL DAY LONG.  So, here's how it works:  you choose your chain (Antique Gold or Antique Silver) and your matching pendant (square or round); you pick out an image to put in your pendant (we've got over 120 to pick from--the "storyteller" images are shown below); you stick your image in the pendant (you may have to trim if you're using a circle pendant), add a blob of Liquid Glass, then add a glass cover (use a damp rag to immediately wipe off any Liquid Glass that squirts out); let it dry and add the charms of your choice.  THAT'S IT.  It takes longer to pick out your image and charms than it does to put together a necklace!
So, you can buy the components for these necklaces at VERY affordable prices through my website: or, if you're local, you can attend one of my "jewelry bar" parties and make your necklace for only $13 (yes, I'm serious)!  What a great gift idea these would be. . .and what a fun mother/daughter activity this would be.  And, hey, these necklaces are even hip with the teens!


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