Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sign Up and Get a FREE Cricut Collection in April!

When you sign up as a Consultant in the month of April, you'll receive one of our incredible Cricut Collections absolutely FREE!! 
 That's a $99 value!   Our new Consultant starter kit (shown below) is only $99 (plus tax and shipping) with over $300 of products and business tools included in it.   You can sign up on my website, (click on "What We Do" and then on "Be a Consultant").   This special starts April 1st, and I encourage you to sign up early so that you can select the Cricut Collection that you want.
Want to know a few things about becoming a Consultant?   Here's some general info:
New Consultants earn 22% commission on all products that they purchase (in other words, you get a 22% discount off the retail price).  You have the opportunity to earn even more based on your monthly sales.  For example, if you sell $400 in a month, you'll also earn $25 in free product credit.  If you're selling $1,000 per month, you earn 30% commission, plus another $75 in product credit (great for stocking the supplies you need).  If you decide to grow your business and become a team leader, you'll also earn additional commissions off any team members under you. 
We have a wonderful Straight to the Top Program for new Consultants. . .sell $1,200 in your first 90 days and you get your $99 kit cost reimbursed to you!
To remain active with the company, Consultants are required to maintain $300 in sales per quarter.  All of your own purchases also count toward this minimum, so if you're a hobbyist who buys a lot of product for yourself, the retail cost of your purchases (before your discount) will count toward your minimums.
There are lots of ways that you can work your business--online, through home parties, by conducting workshops or creative classes, working crops and craft shows, or just by passing catalogs around to your stamping and scrapbooking buddies and doing catalog parties. 
If you have additional questions, just ask! 
So, back to the special. . .when you sign up in April, you can select one of our three Cricut Collections, each with over 700 unique images.  Each collection comes with THREE stamp sets and three sets of coordinating chipboard images.
Artbooking--our newest cartridge with ENDLESS possibilities.  With Artbooking, you can make entire two-page layouts and mini albums. Plus, you'll find oodles of overlays and stand-alone images that you can use on your cards and other projects.  If you want to see some cool videos on Artbooking, just scroll down my blog and look at past posts (or visit my Facebook page at


If you like to make 3D items, you'll fall in love Artiste.   This cartridge has SO many box patterns, purse patterns, 3D flowers, cupcake holders, party favors, etc.  And, even if you're not into 3D items, you'll find plenty of other images that you can use on your cards and layouts.

Art Philosophy is the FIRST Cricut Collection that Close to My Heart created, and I consider it the "anchor" cartridge.  It has over 700 images--every basic shape that you'd probably ever need!  Even though I love the interesting things that Artbooking and Artiste can do, I always come back to my Art Philosophy cartridge for the many basic shapes that I need. 

No matter which one you choose, you can't go wrong with our Close to My Heart Cricut Collections. . .and why not get one FREE?

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