Friday, November 11, 2011

Autumn in the Ozarks is BEAUTIFUL!!!

 This has been one of the most beautiful fall seasons that I can recall.  Just when I think the color can't get any better, it does!  The first two pictures were taken right off my front porch. . .what a blessing to be able to gaze out at something so pretty.  The large maple tree in the photo used to be the most amazing tree.  Then, it was nearly destroyed in the ice storm of 2007.  Thankfully, our neighbors chose not to chop it down, and, over the past few years,  it has begun to make a recovery--still with a few scars, but definitely beautiful.  When I look at this tree, it reminds me that, even when life deals us some blows, God can take our messed up lives and make something beautiful out of them.   Some people might want to give up and chop us down, but God is willing to nurse us back to health.  I'm so thankful for a compassionate God who heals and restores!

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