Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Team Swap--"Spring Fling"

Peeps rule!  The card on the left was made by Gwen Fillinger and the card on the right by Patricia Ervin.  Both feature Lucy paper.

The card on the left is made by Miranda Paladino and the one on the right by Betsy Fusco.

This is my card featuring one of our new Quick Card stamps.  I inked the stamp in Sweet Leaf and rolled the edges in Sunset to match the Stella paper.

This was a BEAUTIFUL card by Vickie Hooker.  Not only are the flowers on it so pretty, but it opens up in all directions (see below) to show off all that cute Lucy paper!  Vickie was our 1st place winner.

Jan Jackson made this adorable Waterfall card with Pemberley paper.  Jan was our 2nd place winner.  I don't think the photo quite does this card justice, but you can see below how the card "cascades" down. 

Elisabeth Weaver made our 2nd place winner. The flower is really dimensional and she "dotted" the background pattern with Liquid Glass.

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  1. Wow, Wow Wow!!! What a pool of talent at your retreat!